Life Class 1: Believing

Starting on the Christian journey

This 3-week class is designed to explain what it means to be a Christian and if you are ready, to lead to water baptism.

This is what is covered during the classes:

  • What it means to be a Christian
  • Being part of God’s Family
  • Understanding Baptism

Sign up for this exciting step on your journey. At the end of the 3 weekly classes you can decide if you are ready to take the step of being baptised.


 Life Class 2: Belonging

Committing to the church family

Every Christian is part of Gods family, but every believer needs to be part of a particular church family.  A place they call home.  A place where they receive teaching and leadership, develop relationships and use their gifts, talents and abilities as part of God’s mission to a lost world.  A place to belong.

Our ‘Belonging‘ course is about committing to the church family here at Life Church

If you are already a Christian and have been baptized in water, this 3-week class is for you.  It is designed to help you take the next step of commitment to the church family and to become a member of Life Church.

This is what is covered during the classes:

  • The Life Church adventure
  • The Godly lifestyle
  • The personal commitment