Going Deeper – pursue what it means to truly live

Going Deeper – pursue what it means to truly live

I am so encouraged as so many people have indicated they want to go deeper in their walk with God, during the Deeper series.  Mastering the basics is necessary as we grow towards maturity.  Often we don’t want to do the ‘basics’ but want to experience the ‘advanced’ and are impatient.  But there are actually two tracks we need to follow, simultaneously.  Let me explain.

Track 1:  ENJOY; CONNECT; SERVE; GIVE; INVITE; DISCIPLE – these are the marks of a disciple of Jesus.  We will only reach maturity as we grow in each, and all, of these.  So taking the individual steps in these really makes a difference.

  1. ENJOY – read your bible everyday, pray every day, worship in all of your activity (not just in singing).
  2. CONNECT – yes you need to be in a LifeGroup to do the ‘one-another’ commands that the Bible teaches.
  3. SERVE – you need to be in a serving team, no excuses.  Maybe we don;t have the team that works for you at the moment – lets discuss, seriously!  You NEED to be serving others.
  4. GIVE – you need to be tithing (giving a tenth or your income)!  Not just so we could do so much more, but actually so that you can experience God’s goodness.  It is a paradox, but it works.  Start this month.  But also just become more generous in your life.
  5. INVITE – let it become part of your language, to talk about Jesus.  To thank God for his goodness, in front of your friends, be courageous.  But also you will find that they come to you.
  6. DISCIPLE – Jesus calls us all to make disciples – this simply means helping people walk the path you have walked.  This is one of the most exciting, enriching, challenging and joy filled things you will EVER do!

Track 2:  Seek the filling of the Holy Spirit – this is the empowering for every Christian.  The ‘ask, seek, knock’ story Jesus tells is all about asking God for the Holy Spirit.  Be persistent, be serious, be expectant.  He longs to bless you.As you pursue these two tracks, you WILL be going Deeper, and you will know and so will everyone else too.  But most importantly, you will never look back as you discover a renewed love for your heavenly Father.

God bless you, Adrian.

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