24 Apr 2014

In The New Statesman

The New Statesman discusses what is becoming the old age ideal of a cohabiting long term relationship.

14 Mar 2014

In The Standard

The Standard discussed various relationship types and talks about the website with its part time approach to dating and alternative relationships styles..

29 Jan 2014

Mail Online

Featured in Daily Mail’s, Mail Online, Part Time Love gains further traction in the UK. Read more on the Mails articles about the Dating website launching part time relationships.

16 Jan 2014

In the Metro

The launch of Part Time Love has generated interest from media and has driven public awareness to outstandlng levels, demonstrating that people really do who see the value in such a relationship. To see the full, online article, please go to Metro, Part Time Relationships.

16 Jan 2014

Featured in CNN

Featured in CNN, and accompanied by evidence that more and more people are interested in the less formal, traditional approach to meeting someone. Find out more about what CNN are saying about the demand from Part Time Singles.