Welcome to Cork WinnySaw you at the city quays2014-06-26
The WalrusLooking forward to the reunion of the fearless Winny Crew Members in November...2013-10-18
lulurosieHi all hope the winds are fair and you are speeding southwards. Kind crew offers from Amanda of Phil's father and A's uncle father and uncle - perhaps... seasoned ocean salts - should I pursue? all love Rosie2012-12-21
GrahamHi to Garry and all Abord Sorry missed Fingals start but had no date for it.very busey at moment working most weekends. Also. Baby should arrive around 12 Septemder. Still hope to join you for a leg somtime. Is this the only means of contact? Meanwhile shall be with you in my music and Meditations! Much Love and Faire winds Graham.xx2012-06-07
LeonWow what an amazing musical and spiritual adventure I shared with you all. Thanks to the crew and I wish you and wonderful future sailing. Hoping to see you all in Bristol. Much love2012-05-29
EdwinJust had a call from one of the crew - he wants to leave work and spend the rest of his life sailing around the world - guess you are having a great time. I might get down to Dun Laoghaire to catch up with you all on Tue2012-05-26
Annie Harper (Gayer)Hi all Just wanted to say WOW what an amazing voyage you are embarking on - may it be blessed and may the music inspire! All the best and looking foreward to following the adventure as it unfolds!2012-05-25
Pat IrvineHello Gary et al...This is wonderful I know you've wanted to do this for so long and it's finally happening! Hope to see you Bangor or Belfast Wednesday2012-05-21
Steve DayWe re in Bangor in N.Ireland. Beautiful weather and wonderful opportunities to make music and spread the news...2012-05-21
Sian O'KeefeMay the pious bird of good omen be with you all on your epic adventure!2012-05-20
Steve DayWe headed out for Holy Island this morning but engine trouble forced us back. We are staying overnight in port and will head out for Holy Island at 5am.2012-05-17
Steve DayIn Crinnon locks. Hard work but good weather. Were getting there.2012-05-16
oranThanks for a great sail out to the the cave the good ship felt ready for anything with dad in his element at the helm. Hats off to vic and brendon for all their hard work getting her ready2012-05-16
Steve DayWell we are staying on Mull waiting for the bad weather to subside.Forecast is for force 8 to 9 winds so we are staying in safe harbor. We hope to set sale tomorrow weather permitting.2012-05-13
Steve Garry n VicMagical beginnings...dancing on Ulva Key Mull...then glorious sail to Fingals with 15 on board. Sang and chanted in fingals cave for 45 minutes...then sailed back to Ulva. Music and party at Rosies cottage.2012-05-12
Steve DayWell here i am at sunny Burnlaw its raining. Driving up to Mull with Tim Linda and Oran and Frayer. Then we set sail for new lands and new music.2012-05-11
TrantDearest Skipper and shipmates the Swiss branch send you all our love and wish you a blissfully happy voyage. Forza me hearties2012-05-11
SaraWhat joy and delight and by the grace of God you will sail on tomorrow! . . . I love you all and this and keep you in my prayers (and hope hope hope I can greet you somewhere on the way) otherwise blessings from Manchester! X X X2012-05-11
Steve DayHi Poppy sorry havent looked in here for a while Yes Ill be on board in Bristol. We are ready to sail on the 12th leaving Mull.2012-09-05
PoppyHi Steve well done for making this beautiful site! will I be seeing you in Bristol? Love Poppy2012-01-04
Steve DayHi Garry have added the Enchanted Voyage what a voyage that was...heavenl.2012-01-13
Steve DayHi Garry have added the history page and it makes wonderfull reading...2012-12-01
Steve DayTesting captcha again2012-12-01
Steve DayJust testing the new Captcha system to detect naughty Web Robots leaving bogus messages.2012-12-01
Steve DayMerry and HAPPY Holidays to all Winny's crew members past present and future.2011-12-22
GrahamWell "shiver me gimble!" And "splice the gang plank." At last! This has been a long time in the planning. I should be there abouts. Shall be in touch Garry. Fair winds and may the force be with you and us all2011-12-12
Cap'n WoodbarnHo ho ho What a merry dance is this I see before me! Shiver me timbers Shiva2011-12-12
Steve DayOh by the way Gary count me in with music from the big ocean and a heart devoted to the glory of Baha. In what ever way I wish to be involved and God willing aboard the good ship Winny.2011-12-12
Bill GeorgeI am touched this morning to hear of your brave and inspired journey. Much to think about in what you've proposed. Bravo!2011-12-12
Steve DayHi Gary leave us a message here....will be creating an area where you can type documents and stories about the Winny in the next few days. If you have any further word documents or pictures or stories you would like on the site just email them to me and I will put them up. God Bless.Steve2011-08-22