WiggintonVillage.co.uk  is a community website where any organisation, group or business in the Wigginton area can announce forthcoming events. By posting an announcement on this site, any users who have chosen to follow on us on Facebook,Twitter or by email will automatically receive notifications of the announcement, making this a great way to spread the word on your event.

Announcements can be on any subject (within grounds of good taste), and can include links back to your own website if you have additional details that don’t easily fit into an announcement format.

WiggintonVillage.co.uk is run by Friends of Wigginton, and we’re keen to create a one stop resource for Wigginton Villagers to keep up to date with events. If you live in or around Wigginton we’d love to hear from you and get you involved in this new resource.

If you’d like to be set up to add announcements to the site (it’s easy peasy), please use the Contact form to send us a message and we will get back to you with a link.