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Help spread the word

WiggintonVillage.co.uk is a new website, and like all newborns, it needs a little nurturing to help it fulfil its potential. You can help with this.

  • Tell other residents about the website
  • Let them know the advantages of subscribing to the site – they will get the latest updates automatically sent to them.

WiggintonVillage is effectively a digital notice board, which makes it easy for groups and organisations in Wigginton to add an announcement or article on the WiggintonVillage website.  The real power, however, is that the website will then automatically distribute this information to any residents who have subscribed to the website.

So, to push the analogy, when a notice is placed on this digital notice board, it will then automatically get put through the (digital) letterbox of any Wigginton resident who has subscribed to the site. Subscribers get the latest Wigginton news delivered straight to them, without doing a thing, and without having to leave the house. Result!

That process makes it really easy and efficient to spread the word on events and happenings in Wigginton, but we need Wigginton residents to subscribe to the site in some way for this to work well. That’s where you can help by making people aware of the website, and the ways and benefits of subscribing to it.

There are three ways people can subscribe to the site

Via Email

This is the simplest subscription option, and suitable for people not on Facebook or Twitter.  Simply type in your email address under the ‘Email Subscribe’ header on the right hand side of the page, and then press the ‘Subscribe’ button.  You’ll then be sent an email which you have to respond to in order to activate the subscription. Once you do this, any new post added to the site will automatically be emailed to you – You’ll be kept bang up to date with all that’s going on in Wigginton without ever having to visit the website.

Every email sent will give an option to restrict the frequency of emails, or opt out all together (although obviously we hope you won’t!), so, what are you waiting for?

Via Facebook

WiggintonVillage also has a facebook page, which is linked to the website, so new posts added on the website are automatically added onto the facebook page. If you’re a facebooker, please visit the WiggintonVillage facebook page and ‘Like’ it. That means you’ll see updates on your profile whenever a new post is made on the website, which will give some details of the post and a link back to the website.

Liking the WiggintonVillage facebook page also helps in another way – you’re friends will probably get to see that you have liked WiggintonVillage and so may also choose to Like WiggintonVillage, and then their friends may see that they’ve liked.. well, you get the idea!

Find the WiggintonVillage facebook page at www.facebook.com/WiggintonVillage

Via Twitter

Surprise, Surprise, WiggintonVillage also has a twitter page! Any new posts on the website automatically generate a short tweet in our twitter feed with details of the post and a link back to the website so you can read the full story. If you like your news in 140 Characters or less, then start following us on twitter.

Find the WiggintonVillage twitter page at www.twitter.com/WiggintonV, or find us tweeting on @WiggintonV

If you follow us on twitter, consider re-tweeting our stories once in a while and spread the love!

The fact that all groups in the village can add posts to the website should mean we have enough content to keep the website fresh, and may even help to keep us all feel a bit more connected to what’s going on in Wigginton. Technology has arrived in our little village, so why not use it?