Welcome to the Wigginton Village Website, a new site that has been created to help promote events and activities in Wigginton. Visit our facebook page, or follow us on twitter to get updates on what’s going on in your village.

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  • Sumi Watters says:

    Hi there.

    I think this is a fantastic site and its great to see that someone has taken the initiative to get this really demanding task going. Kudos to you.
    I am involved with the Preschool and have for some time now tried to suggest activities to get the whole community involved in being a community-feel village. This is a fantastic platform for this!

    My only concern is, the Facebook page does not seem to have a link to this site. I’ve shared and posted both but some people think they are one in the same and will only visit one or the other.

    Best of luck and please let me know if I can assist in some way.

    Kind regards,

    Sumi Watters

    • webmaster says:

      Hi Sumi,

      Thanks for your feedback, it’s appreciated! I really hope we can build the website into a resource the whole village will want to use, so we can all feel a bit more connected to what’s going on in the village.

      Please help in spreading the word by letting people know about the website, and encouraging them to subscribe in some way (by email, Twitter or Facebook) so they automatically get the latest news.

      With regards to the Facebook site, every article put on the website automatically gets posted onto Facebook (and Twitter) with a brief description, and a link back to the article on the website. Just click the header of the story on Facebook (or the picture) to view the article in full on the website.

      There should also be a article on the top right of the timeline with a link ‘to the website ‘Also On: http://www.wiggintonvillage.co.uk’

      Hope that helps, any questions or suggestions please be in touch!


  • Good to see a new web site at last. I will spread the word!

  • Good to see new web site at last I will spread the word!

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